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Retail Delivery

Own a retail store or small business in San Diego and want to deliver items to your customers? Haelo Express is here to provide fast and reliable delivery solutions that make sense. Depending on your requirements, volume, frequency, and distance, Haelo can dispatch a courier vehicle, pickup truck or even a cargo van to deliver single items or loads of items to one or multiple locations.

Contact us today to discuss your needs so we can provide you with solutions that meet your expectations and budget.

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Retail Delivery

How It Works


Request A Quote

Enter in details about your delivery (including addresses, photos of items, and description, etc.). We will provide you a quote for next steps.


Schedule Your Delivery

If you are happy with your quote, select day/time you would prefer your delivery to take place. A booking deposit is due at this time.


Delivery Confirmation

Once your delivery is complete, you will receive confirmation and your final invoice will be due for payment.

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