100% of all tips/gratuities go to the drivers/movers and are GREATLY APPRECIATED! :)
SHRINK WRAPPING FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION IS AVAILABLE ON ANY ITEM/S FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  When packing multiple items into the cargo van, moving blankets are used to cover items as our standard service. For full coverage protection, it is recommended that all items are shrink wrapped. Customer understands this, and will notify company of which items to shrink wrap, if any.  See Limits of Liability below for more information.
Deposits can be paid with Credit Card only.
A 3.5% processing fee will be added to deposits and invoices paid by credit card.
As a result of extremely high fuel costs, all quotes are subject to a surcharge for fuel.
It is the policy of Haelo Express Pick-up & Delivery (Haelo Express) to provide equal opportunity for all employees/contractors regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disabilities. Haelo Express’s policy applies with equal force during the assignment of employees/contractors to Customer.
COMMUNICATIONS IN WRITING: All communications in writing must be sent via text to (858) 952-1424 or by email to info@haeloexpress.comVoicemail and verbal cancelations by phone are not accepted.
ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY: Unless otherwise specified in the FLAT RATE QUOTE, charges may apply if there are more items to move than originally specified in the quote. We charge $20 for a door removal if furniture does not fit. We charge $5-$20 to wrap a furniture item dependent on the size. There is a $15 charge if flights of stairs are not disclosed or stated in the signed original FLAT RATE QUOTE.
COURIER WAIT TIME LIMITS:  All courier jobs allow for 15-minutes driver wait time at pickup and 15-minutes driver wait time at delivery unless otherwise specified in the line item details of the quote.  If wait time exceeds 15-minutes at either location, additional time will be billed to the final invoice at a default rate of $15 per 15-minute increments.
WEIGHT LIMITS AND SAFETY: Haelo Express and their employees/contractors retain the right to refuse moving, loading, transporting any furniture or item they feel poses a safety hazard. This includes, but is not limited to, items containing glass, moving items up or down narrow, curving or turning stairways, specialty items such as pianos, etc., and extremely large and/or heavy items. Haelo Express does its best to accommodate customers’ requests for specific placement of items at delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to take measurements prior to delivery to ensure their item will reasonably fit through hallways, doorways, and around existing furniture and fixtures to safely reach their desired location without risk of damage to personal property or employees/contractors. Haelo Express considers delivery to be complete once an item is unloaded from the vehicle and placed on a customer’s property and the full amount of customer APPROVED quote is due and payable even in the instance a delivery item cannot be placed where the customer had intended. CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DISCLOSING WEIGHT OF ANY ITEMS OVER 200LBS AT TIME OF BOOKING OR NO LESS THAN 48 HOURS PRIOR TO PICK UP TO ENSURE HAELO EXPRESS APPROVES THE ITEM FOR TRANSPORT BASED ON INFORMATION PROVIDED BY CUSTOMER. HAELO EXPRESS DOES NOT PICK UP OR DELIVER INDIVIDUAL ITEMS OVER 200LBS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL OR WITHOUT EXCEPTION WHEN ANY STAIRS ARE INVOLVED. FAILURE TO ACCURATELY DISCLOSE DETAILS OF ITEMS OVER 200LBS COULD RESULT IN A SERVICE FEE OF UP TO 50% OF TOTAL INVOICE IF HAELO EXPRESS EMPLOYEES/CONTRACTORS DEEM AN ITEM UNSAFE TO MOVE ONCE ON-SITE DUE TO WEIGHT, TYPE OF ITEM, OR ANY OTHER UNDISCLOSED OR UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCE.
CANCELATIONS AND ITEMS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP: We require a deposit of 25% of the total invoice amount at time of quote approval. This amount is fully refundable if we receive cancelation in writing by text message to (858) 952-1424 or email to info@haeloexpress.com no less than 24 hours prior to dispatch of scheduled delivery window. If cancelation is received with less than 24 hours’ notice, the customer understands the deposit is non-refundable but will be retained as a deposit for 7 calendar days to be applied toward a rescheduled delivery of item/s. In the event no delivery is scheduled and completed within the 7 day grace period, customer will forfeit the deposit amount to the company. If drivers have already been dispatched within a reasonable time prior to estimated pick-up/delivery window to job location and the customer cancels the job, or the items are unavailable for pick up or customer decides not to accept the items for whatever reason, customer understands they will forfeit their deposit in its entirety (without the 7-day reschedule grace period) and they will also be charged an additional 25% of the total quote (for a Grand Total of 50%) to cover labor, fuel and operations expenses for dispatching to a scheduled job.
RETURNS OR ITEMS THAT ARE NOT DELIVERABLE: If the recipient is not available at time of scheduled delivery or refuses to accept the items for delivery, there is a single item return fee to customer as follows: 0-10 miles ($60 + $10 per additional item), 11-20 miles ($75 + $10 per additional item), 21-30 miles ($90 + $10 per additional item), 31-40 miles ($105 + $10 per additional item), 41+ miles ($105 up to 40 miles plus $1.25 per additional mile plus $10 per additional item).
SIGHT UNSEEN DELIVERIES: Neither Haelo Express nor its Employees or Contractors are responsible for inspecting or testing functionality of any items being delivered. Open box and/or used furniture items often contain defects, damage, or wear and tear of some sort. Haelo will do a brief inspection to identify obvious damage and take photos but makes no guarantee on the quality or condition of the item. If the customer is purchasing an item without seeing and inspecting the item themselves, the customer understands they will be fully responsible for the delivery charge plus a return charge if they decide they do not want the item upon delivery.
APPLIANCE DELIVERY: Refrigerators should be transported standing upright and we will use a large truck designed for these appliances. When using the cargo van, Customer agrees and understands Haelo Express may not be able to transport refrigerators standing upright due to height restrictions in the van. Customer releases Haelo Express from any damages to refrigerators as a result of being transported on their side and acknowledge they understand the refrigerator should be left upright for 24-48 hours after transport before plugging the appliance back in.
PAYMENT OF SERVICES: Payment for all deliveries are due upon receipt of the delivery. Failure to pay according to the terms of the approved quote may result in further collection actions. Any account that becomes 7 days PAST DUE will result in an additional $100 penalty fee being added to the PAST DUE account. Customer also agrees to be liable for any additional collections costs in order to bring the account current.
LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: It is recommended that furniture be wrapped with shrink wrap for premium protection. If customers decline shrink wrapping, we will cover with blankets and secure for transport but customer waives claim rights over accidental damage and holds the movers and Haelo Express harmless against any claims. Customer agrees that Haelo Express is under no circumstances liable for more than $250 for any damaged items or for any damages to property directly caused by its employees, contractors, or franchisees. Customer releases Haelo Express from any and all liability for lost or misplaced goods and any injuries whatsoever, regardless of their nature, caused by the handling of Customer’s property after the Departure Time of Haelo Express’s employees, franchisees, or contractors as indicated herein. **IF ITEM IS GOING ON A WOOD FLOOR IT IS RECOMMENDED THE CUSTOMER HAVE FELT OR PLASTIC FOOT PADS FOR THE ITEM BEING DELIVED TO PROTECT AGAINST ANY POTENTIAL SCRATCHING OF THE WOOD SURFACE. HAELO EXPRESS INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER WOOD FLOORING CLAIMS. All damage complaints must be reported the same day as the delivery service. Customer further agrees that Haelo Express is released from any and all liability for damage or injury when customer has requested to assist or perform the moving, loading, and unloading delivery items for a reduced rate or as a do-it-yourself move and/or delivery. FOR INSURANCE CLAIMS ON DAMAGED OR MISPLACED ITEMS, HAELO EXPRESS WILL ONLY BE LIABLE FOR $250 TOWARDS INSURANCE CLAIM DEDUCTABLE. CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDS THEY WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REMAINDER OF DEDUCTABLE PAYMENT WHICH IS CURRENTLY $250 ($500 TOTAL POLICY DEDUCTABLE) AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
Haelo Express reserves the right to verify all claims using any and all reasonable standards for achieving proper verification of claims. Customer agrees to, without condition, these terms and conditions regarding Haelo Express’s limitation of liability.
GOVERNING LAW: In the event of litigation both parties agree that the Law of California shall apply and both parties consent to the jurisdiction of the state courts of San Diego, CA, or in the event of diversity of citizenship, the United States District Court for the (District). Both parties expressly waive a trial by jury.